Do you like high speed? If the answer is yes, we bet you also like to practice unique drifts, right? That is exactly what we thought. Yes, we admit we like it too. Kart racing can be a very exciting experience especially when it is indoors. No matter if you are new to practice or experienced in this activity, you will certainly want to learn more about us, and our action packed.

Welcome to the Indoor-Kart 500 Kart Racing Club

We are happy to share that we have established a kart racing club. If you want to join it, you need to fill out a membership form, the completion of which will be charged once. There is a monthly membership fee that you agree to when completing the form. The contract is valid for 12 months and will be extended for another year if you do not contact us six weeks before it expires. What will you get in return for the fee? One-hour training sessions three times a month on Mondays from 20:00 to 21:00 and participation in a competition every three months. Keep in mind that in the case of accidents caused by your fault, you will have to pay for the damages.

Why Do Kart Racing?

If you love high speeds, then you are probably wondering why you should start karting and not car racing or motorcycle racing? There are several reasons for this. First of all, kart racing is much cheaper. Second, it is much safer. And last but not least, it is more competitive. The kart’s ability to give the driver a combination of speed and competition at a very low cost is unmatched.

About Our Course

What do you need to know about our course? If you become a part of our training course, you will have daily training sessions. The car you will learn on depends on your age and the presence or absence of previous experience. Special flight events will be organized, and your performance will be monitored on special monitors that will also monitor your safety. All equipment is provided by us, and you can leave your valuables in a safe designed just for you. In addition, after each training session or competition, you will receive a report on your results, and you will be able to unwind together with the other students in our bistro.

Our Karts

If you want to practice go-karting, something you would be interested in is what our route is. The First National Sports Commission for the car sport in Germany is the institution that has inspected and officially approved our course. Although it is 350 meters long, the route is very difficult and a challenge for both new and advanced kart racers. But what are our go-karts?

First, we have customized cars with special pedals for our “little” racing drivers. For the little ones, we have the so-called Bambini karts. Racing go-karts are very different from recreational go-karts and usually, that depends on the type of track and competition. There are generally three types of karts: sprint, enduro, and oval, the most common of which is sprint.

  • Sprint Karts - owe their great popularity to their speed and the fact that they can be used on different types of tracks.
  • Oval Karts - the second most commonly used type of kart. The chassis of these cars are designed for oval tracks with tight turns in one direction.
  • Enduro Karts - the smallest division in kart racing competitions, but at the same time the fastest. To achieve maximum aerodynamics, enduro racers lie in the cars, and some of them even use two engines.

Special Race Days

Our special race days are events through which you can experience a real race atmosphere even if you compete just for fun and not on a professional level. But what exactly happens on a race day? Drivers submit completed race entry forms weeks in advance to the club’s race secretary. On the Saturday before race day there is a practice day available to anyone with a go-kart. Pilots arrive either very early on the day of the race or the night before.

The first thing any driver must do is log in by presenting their Motorsport UK racing licence. In case the entrant is a minor, his guardian must have a PG Entrants licence. After paying the entry fees and filling out the necessary forms, it is time to check the equipment. The technical review is carried out by officially appointed inspectors. Every piece of equipment is ensured to comply with the rules and regulations set out by Motorsport UK. In this way, it is guaranteed that the driver and the kart have fulfilled the regulations and meet the safety requirements.

This is followed by a briefing by the course director, with additional time for clarifications provided for newcomers. Next comes the official training session. Once it is over, the real competition begins. Usually, each driver runs two or three heats and a final. Positions are distributed in such a way that all participants have an equal chance. Rookies are marked with black plates with white numbers to indicate that they do not have much experience yet. Points earned in the series determine the driver’s position on the grid for the final. Finals have more laps than heats and trophies are awarded to the top three in each class. The points from the competition participate in the ranking for the annual Club Championship.

Opening Times

What are the working hours of our kart racing club and the training included in it? Monday to Thursday from 16:00 to 23:00. On public holidays and Sundays from 10:00 to 23:00. Working hours for children’s training are different. Children’s training only takes place on Mondays from 15:00 to 19:00 and on Saturdays from 10:00 to 15:00.

If kart racing is your passion and you would like it to become more than just a hobby, do not waste any more time and become part of our Indoor-Kart 500 club. All you need to do is fill out our membership form.